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The Group - Consortium - Wroclaw Medical University

Wroclaw Medical University

Wroclaw, Medical University
Pasteura 1
50-367 Wroclaw

Department of Heart Diseases
ul. Weigla 5
50-981 Wroclaw


Project Leader

Professor Piotr Ponikowski Professor Piotr Ponikowski
Project Leader 
Phone: +48-(0)71 7660 237 
Fax: +48-(0)71 7660 250 
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Project Staff

Dr. Ewa Jankowska, MD, PhD Dr. Ewa Jankowska, MD, PhD
Research Coordinator 
Phone: +48-(0)71 7660 661 
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Dr. Martyna Olesinska, MD Dr. Martyna Olesinska, MD
Clinical Research Fellow 
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Dr. Piotr Niewinski, MD Dr. Piotr Niewinski, MD
Clinical Research Fellow 
Phone: +48-(0)-790 423 298 
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Bartlomiej Paleczny Bartlomiej Paleczny
Clinical Research Fellow 
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Agnieszka Rydlewska Agnieszka Rydlewska
Clinical Research Fellow 
Phone: +48-(0)71 7660 275 
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Institute Presentation

Department of Heart Diseases, Wroclaw Medical University is an academic institution involved in several research projects covering many aspects of clinical cardiology. The main research interest is focused on pathophysiology and comprehensive management of patients with chronic and acute heart failure, including novel diagnostic tools and therapies.

The Department of Heart Diseases is the part of Centre of Heart Diseases, settled down in Military Hospital. There are 98 cardiology beds, including 12 intensive care cardiology beds. The staff consists of 47 physicians. Approximately 7500 patients are hospitalized every year, among them there are 1500 patients with a primary diagnosis of heart failure. 

Department has modern facilities for the recording and quantitative analyses of vital signals, for further analyses of physiological parameters.  There are long-standing collaborations with other cardiology institutions across Europe. Important research priorities are: muscle hypothesis of heart failure and origin of exercise intolerance, multiple anabolic deficiency in patients with heart failure, peripheral mechanisms including anaemia, iron deficiency,  renal failure, cachexia, impaired reflex control of cardiopulmonary systems.

The Research Group supervised by Prof. Piotr Ponikowski has an extended experience in managing short- and long term research projects, including observational studies and interventional clinical trials.  It offers a professional environment where support is widely available in the area of project management and planning, financial affairs and expertise on accounting and management of human resources.

Wroclaw Medical University