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The Project - WP 15 Academic coordination Russia


  • Making strategic or economic decisions, carrying out the project management at the partner level and taking care of objectives and resources of each Russian partner, while at all times be fully informed on the technical status of the project
  • Ensuring co-operation and co-ordination with the WP01 (Project Management EU) and WP11 (Training and Dissemination)
  • Supervising and amending technical and cost reports provided by the Russian partners, in particular being responsible for checking and submitting deliverables and reports and for the preparation of the annual and final reviews 
  • Be responsible for the monitoring of the project (jointly with WP01) to ensure that the strategic direction of the work remains consistent with the interests of the partners (including EU side partners) Supervise the monitoring of results and be directly responsible for strategic decisions concerning the Work Package Leaders

Workpackage Leader: St. Petersburg

Workpackage description

The management WP15 will include executing the following key missions:

  • Day-to-day coordination in between Russian partners and with EU partners; 
  • Ensuring efficient communication among the project teams and ensuring that administrative tasks are performed in an efficient and timely manner; 
  • Individual WP (WP12 to WP15) and Project monitoring and periodic reporting (including annual and final reviews);
  • Integrating Russian partner WP reports, supervising and amending project deliverables; 
  • Guiding the Russian partners' administrative requirements and monitoring financial aspects; 
  • Troubleshooting decision-making and economic issues, where necessary; 
  • Establishing and benchmarking individual WP and project milestones and the quality assurance of project results.

Day-to-day project management has been assigned to the Project Manager (Russia) with a strong expertise in the management of complex collaborative projects. Work Package Managers with solid expertise in project management will be assigned to all individual WPs led by the Russian partners (WP12 to WP15). Note that these positions will be different from that of Work Package Leaders (while they could be occupied by the same qualified specialist, where applied). Appropriate tools will be utilized to support tasks related to project management, coordination and communication. Email, teleconferences and dedicated web-based computer applications will be used to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of management and communication activities. Bi-monthly internal reporting will be established through the telecommunication means to monitor the progress of the work, difficulties encountered, and solutions suggested/found. The Project Manager (Russia) will update the status of the work plan and update WP01 (Project Management EU) and WP11 (Training and dissemination) teams. Throughout the project the Project Manager (Russia), with a complete involvement of Work Package Managers will identify major problems and risks at an early stage and to facilitate the prompt development of appropriate counter-measures (with Project Management EU assistance, if necessary).

WP 15 Academic coordination Russia