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The Project - WP 01 Project Management


Ensure the proper functioning of the project in order to

  • ensure the proper functioning of the project in order to
  • achieve the objectives
  • complete the milestones in time and
  • to deliver the deliverables. (Task 1 and 5)
  • make sure that the consortium's contractual duties are carried out. Support and strengthen the participants to comply with the EU regulations and their contractual and legal   requirements. Abide by the "good practice" of resources management as presented in the Financial Guidelines. (Task 2 and 4)
  • set-up an effective communication infrastructure and foster the integrative process within the consortium. (Task 3)
  • manage the processes for the capture and protection of intellectual property, including confidential information, copyright, design rights and patents properly. (Task 2 and 5)

Workpackage Leader: GABO:mi
Involved Partners: Charité

Workpackage description

The management WP is led by GABO:mi, a German SME with longstanding, hands-on expertise in the management of EU Framework projects. Acting as the right hand of the Coordinator and as a permanent help-desk for all project participants, GABO:mi takes on full responsibility for project management and controlling (task 1), contractual management (task 2), communication management (task 3) and resources management (task 4). Hence, all issues relating to project administration will be handled professionally by GABO:mi.

Scientific coordination and management of the scientific activities and their progress is in the experienced hands of the Coordinator and the team in Berlin, Charité (task 5). They have been coordinating other EU projects in FP6 for years and are thus well familiar with the requirements for the scientific management of SICA-HF.

All other partners will be actively involved in this WP when it comes to reporting (see task 1).

Task 1 – Project management and Controlling

  • On a day-to-day basis, GABO:mi together with the Coordinator will monitor the overall progress regarding milestones and deliverables. Whenever necessary, the management team will assist the participants in achieving their goals. For this, it will oversee deadlines and make sure milestones are met in time. 
  • Together with the consortium, the Periodic Progress Reports (i.e. Activity Report, Management Report, Draft Planning for the next months) will be generated and submitted to the European Commission by GABO:mi in time. It is one of the major tasks of GABO:mi to coordinate the reporting process, to compile all information, to check numbers and documents and to convert everything in an error-free format according the reporting guidelines. 
  • Towards the end of the project, the possibilities of continued funding will be investigated together with the Consortium in order to allow maintenance of the communication structures and continuation of work as far as possible.

Task 2 – Contractual management

  • GABO:mi’s principal task will be the compliance of the project with the EU provisions (grant agreement and its annexes) and the Consortium Agreement. Therefore, the participants will be trained on EU provisions whenever relevant.
  • GABO:mi will ensure that the consortium complies with the rules on decision-making in SICA-HF as defined in the Consortium Agreement. These procedures will be carefully followed not only when it comes to decisions on the implementation of work, funding and other decisions on crucial issues. (For decision making mechanisms see chapter B2.1)

Task 3 – Communication management

  • GABO:mi will serve as the centre of communication for all participants. It stands as a permanent helpdesk for the participants. GABO:mi sees it as one of their duties to help the other partners overcome any (administrative) barriers.
  • On behalf of the Coordinator, GABO:mi will communicate with the European Commission concerning administrative and managerial issues (i.e. financial issues, contract amendments, reporting).
  • GABO:mi has developed a web-based tool for project management specifically for EU framework projects: :milliarium. This tool combines functionalities for central document sharing, progress monitoring, accounting and reporting in EU projects. The tool will be populated with data from the Technical Annex and data subsequently generated in the course of the project implementation. All participants will have access to :milliarium.
  • Strong in IT and in the development of web-solutions, GABO:mi will set up an appealing website for SICA-HF (in collaboration with WP 16). This website will disseminate any information which can be disclosed to the public and it will be updated regularly. Furthermore, there will be a password-protected internal part of the website which is accessibly only for project participants. The internal part encompasses a discussion forum and it provides helpful documents, schedules, etc.
  • The organisation of professional and efficient project meetings also belongs to the scope of tasks of the management team at GABO:mi. For each of the meetings (Project Governing Board Meetings with the European Commission annually, Project Coordination Committee Meetings six-monthly), an agenda will be drawn-up with the Coordinator and a smooth running of the conference (incl. invitations, an appealing conference venue with the required infrastructure, on-site organisation, minutes, etc.) will be ensured.

Task 4 – Resources management

  • GABO:mi assumes responsibility for the collection and preparation of all cost reports from the project partners for submission to the European Commission (i.e. management report, report on the distribution of funds, Form Cs and audit certificates). This necessitates intensive training of administration departments at all sites as well as prompt and sophisticated communication with all parties involved.
  • Not only for the planning of subsequent periods, budget and expenditures need to be monitored, new budgets must be calculated and be filled in the respective forms. (A3.1, A3.3. etc).
  • GABO:mi will inform the coordinating institution about payments to be made to the participants.
  • Information about the financial situation of the project will be provided to the Coordinator and to the Project Coordination Committee as a basis for decisions on the work and budget sharing.Task 5: Scientific project coordination and management.

Task 5 - Scientific project coordination and management

The SICA-HF consortium will provide a common model and methods platforms. The training of young researchers will lead to a standardisation and harmonisation of laboratory practices within the consortium, and implement the standard operating procedures generated by the consortium. The clinical platform, consisting of outstanding European heart failure clinicians, will provide advice to the preclinical researchers of the consortium on clinically relevant questions and modelling, and will periodically review the ongoing development of innovative therapies to ultimately take the most promising preclinical strategy developed by the consortium. Annual meetings and webside-based interaction will help to identify potential problems with regards to the common models and methods. Quality will be assured by reports of all members of the consortium that will be reviewed on a regular basis by at least 2 other members of the SICA-HF consortium. Particularly the reports of results to the consortium will rapidly be converted into manuscript form to be submitted to internationally recognized medical journals.

WP 01 Project Management