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The Group - Consortium - University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik

University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic diseases Golnik
Golnik 36
4204 Golnik



Project Leader

Dr. Mitja Lainscak Dr. Mitja Lainscak
Project Leader 
Phone: +386 (0) 4 2569 141 
Fax: +386 (0) 4 2569 117 
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Project Staff

Irena Šarc Irena Šarc
Project researcher 
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Katja Trobec Katja Trobec
Phone: +386 (0) 4 2569 100 
Fax: +386 (0) 4 2569 384 
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Institute Presentation

The University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik is a clinical, research and pedagogical institution. Its up-to-date technology equipment enables performance of first-rate diagnostics, treatment and highest quality health care.

The Clinic has 220 beds in eight clinical wards and two pulmonology and allergology outpatient clinics in Golnik and Ljubljana. It has 7000–8000 clinical admissions and 46000 outpatients' consultations a year. Our facility has a wide spectrum of methodology and assessment tools and is affiliated with respiratory, sleep, biochemical, immunological and pathological laboratories to provide an interdisciplinary approach to research and clinical management of our patients. The laboratories follow the guidelines of standards, work with respect to fixed national and international criteria and are included in the external quality control.

The most important themes the University Clinic deals with are asthma, COPD, lung cancer, tuberculosis, interstitial lung diseases, asbestosis, and other rare pulmonary diseases. One quarter of all patients is admitted and treated for common cardiac diseases (heart failure, valvular disease, arrhythmia control). Our hospital is also involved in a number of international research projects. We are involved in 7th EU framework programme as collaborator in projects IMCA II, Indicators for monitoring COPD and asthma in the European Union; OPCARE project of paliative care and TB-PANNET, Pan-European network for the study and clinical management of drug resistant tuberculosis. We are also involved in international project as a part of e-TEN European projects called DRUGHECK, Alpine Space project of telecare and telemedicine; ALIAS telemedicine project, and 6th EU framework programme project  MOSAR.

Division of Cardiology, University Clinic Golnik, performs research of cardiac and metabolic function in patients with chronic disease, including heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cancer.

Main tasks attributed to the project

  • Work package leader for coordination with ADAMS project
  • Participation in Recruitment and characterisation WP (03), Body composition and test standardisation WP (05), Sleep studies WP (06), Metabolic and vascular studies&biopsies WP (07)

Research with relevance to topics of the project and five recent publications relevant to the project
Lainscak M, von Haehling S, Anker SD. Natriuretic peptides and other biomarkers in chronic heart failure: From BNP, NT-proBNP, and MR-proANP to routine biochemical markers. Int J Cardiol 2009;132:303-311
von Haehling S, Lainscak M, Springer J, Anker SD. Cardiac cachexia: A systematic overview. Pharmacol Ther 2009;121:227-252
Lainscak M, Filippatos GS, Gheorghiade M, Fonarow GC, Anker SD. Cachexia: common, deadly, with an urgent need for precise definition and new therapies. Am J Cardiol 2008;101:8E-10E
Lainscak M, Cleland JG, Lenzen MJ, Follath F, Komajda M, Swedberg K. International variations in the treatment and co-morbidity of left ventricular systolic dysfunction: data from the EuroHeart Failure Survey. Eur J Heart Fail 2007;9:292-299
Kovacic D, Marinsek M, Gobec L, Lainscak M, Podbregar M. Effect of selective and non-selective beta-blockers on body weight, insulin resistance and leptin concentration in chronic heart failure. Clin Res Cardiol 2008;97:24-31

University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik