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The Group - Consortium - Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex

Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex

Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex
3-rd Cherepkovskaya 15-A
12552 Moscow

Russian Federation


Project Leader

Prof. Yelena Parfyonova
Project Leader 
Phone: +7-(0)495 4146783 
Fax: +7-(0)495 4146712 
E-Mail to Prof. Yelena Parfyonova Contact  

Project Staff

Prof. Fail Ageev
Chief of department /coordination of the clinical part of the project 
Phone: +7-(0)495 4146966 
Fax: +7-(0)495 4146966 
E-Mail to Prof. Fail Ageev Contact  

Dr. Mikhail Menshikov
Assosiate. Prof./theoretical coordination of the project, cellular and biochemical aspects of the project 
Phone: +7-(0)495 4146713 
Fax: +7-(0)495 4146712 

Dr. Artyom Ovchinnikov
Senior clinical researcher/ practical coordination of the clinical aspects of the project 
Phone: +7-(0)495 4146973 
Fax: +7-(0)495 4146966 
E-Mail to Dr. Artyom Ovchinnikov Contact  

Dr. Zoya Tsokolaeva
Researcher/ practical coordination of the project ,cellular research 
Phone: +7-(0)495 41467 
Fax: +7-(0)495 9329904 

Dr. Irina Beloglazova
Researcher/ practical coordination of the project, biochemical researches 
Phone: +7-(0)495 9329904 
Fax: +7-(0)495 9329904 

Institute Presentation

The Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex (RCRPC) of the Medical High Technology Agency is a Federal State Institution. It functions as the leading national clinical and research institution  in Russia, in both applied and fundamental cardiology. It has leading position in coordinating the national research programs in the field of cardio-vascular diseases. It is accumulated a huge knowledge of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of cardio-vascular pathologies, including chronic heart failure and such co-morbidities as metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, and obesity. The RCRPC consists of the Institute of Clinical Cardiology, Institute of Experimental Cardiology and the Experimental (pilot) Plant for the Production of Biomedical Preparations. The Institute of Clinical Cardiology has about 400 beds for in-hospital patients and the clinical departments are active in a range of Russian and international multi-centre clinical trials of drugs for the treatment of cardiac diseases. Cardiac surgery department of CRPC is specialized in many types of cardiac surgery. It held the leading position in Russia in intramyocardial implantation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) during bypass surgery in patient with low ejection fraction(EF). 

The RCRPC is specialized hospital, clinical and fundamental research center fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical and research equipment and employs a team of well-trained professionals. Of the latter, key scientific personnel listed before possesses expertise in the specific field of the project, including experimental and applicative studies related to stem and progenitor cells namely adipose tissue stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells, blood vessel biology, myocardial  ischemia biology, molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis, molecular mechanisms of heart failure as well as in developing gene and cell therapy approaches to stimulating of angiogenesis in ischemic tissues.  The RCRPC personnel also possesses expertise in design, execution and administering of large-scale multi-site research projects. There are more than 500 members of staff involved in research and specialised medical services and out of these, 209 are cardiologists and 277 are  cell biologists, molecular biologist,  biochemists, biophysicists and specialists in genetics.


Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex